5 new gaming headphones that will give you great performance even in 2021, let us tell you that these headphones are only for mobile and only for PC users,

1] Cosmic Byte H11

  • cosmic byte H11cosmic byte H11Top 5 Gaming Head phone in 2021 gaming headphone

You get three colors even in gaming headphones,

about this item.

  • Driver size 40mm,
  • suitaable for pc, xbox one, mobile, leptop, ps4,
  • volume rocket
  • 3.5 mm audio mic jack

. My opinion and review

This gaming headphone allows all mobile gamers to buy because this gaming headphone gives you very good sound quality for your price range, there is no better gaming headphone than this because this Cosmic Byte 11 available in only ₹ 1000 , Gaming Headphone will make your gaming experience good, so my opinion is that you must buy this gaming headphone and if you use PC, then this headphone will provide you very good sound quality like i always tell you that the game that is most important to you is the sound quality that this gaming headphone has,This is one of the 5 Top Gaming Headphones 2021,

BoAt immortal 200 gaming headphone,

2] cosmic byte Spider Gaming Headphone,

  • cosmic byte Spider Gaming Headphone,cosmic byte Spider Gaming Headphone,

You get two colors even in gaming headphones,

about this item.

  • usb input for LED light.
  • 3.5 mm audio jack for sound and mic.
  • deliverrs clear sound and deep bass for real game.
  • soft cushion head pad.
  • suitaable for PC, mobile, IOS, apple ipad, apple iphone.
  • driver support not mention company.

My opinion and review

I would definitely recommend you to buy this gaming headphone as I personally use this gaming headphone myself and I have found it to be the best game headphone so far as the sound quality that it provides you in the price range It is much better if you talk about its price then it is available only it is available in 1200 only.

If you want, you can also see the review of this gaming headphone on our YouTube channel.

cosmic byte headphones gs410

cosmic byte headphones g4000,

gaming headphones for mobile,

cosmic byte headphones gs430,



about this item.

  • Gaming stereo headset with boom microphone compatible.
  • audio devices and mini-jack 3.5mm.
  • suitaable for PC, laptop, PS4, PS5, XB1, xb series X/S and Switch consoles, mobile and teblat.
  • 40mm drivers.
  • providing analog volume and mute Switch.

My opinion and review .

This gaming headphone is great. Talking about the look, it looks very attractive, if you like its look then you can go with it, you will get this NiTHO Janus STEREO GAMING HEADSET, for just Rs 1100. Please take care that you do not buy a duplicate product by purchasing it. Original product, we would like to give you an original product,

This gaming headphone is one of the top 5 gaming headphones in 2021

best gaming headphones under 1000 in 2021

best gaming headphones under 1,000,

best gaming headphones under 1000 with mic,

mobilebest gaming headphones under 500,

best headphones under 1000,

best gaming headphones under 10000gaming,

4 ] Ant Esports H520W gaming headphoe.

  • Ant Esports H520W gaming headphoeAnt Esports H520W gaming headphoeTop 5 Gaming Headphone in 2021

In this gaming headphone also you get different color options which you can see in the image.

And let us tell you that a company like Ant Esports has been making gaming headphones and gaming related products for a very long time, so we can trust this company that this gaming headphone will be very good, and its best advantage is that You will get it at a very low price.

about this item.

  • Surround Sound Ready,
  • suitaable for Windows Sonic, Windows Sonic by Microsoft for Xbox One and compatible Windows 10 PCs PS4, Mobile
  • High Quality 40MM Speakers,
  • Superior 40 millimetre over ear speakers produce crisp highs and thundering lows
  • Multiplatform Compatibility Designed for PC and works great with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices,
  • 3.5 audio jack,

My opinion and review .

If you want to buy Ant Esports H520W gaming headphone, then you can definitely buy it because this gaming headphone is very old and reliable so we can trust this gaming headphone, let us tell you that the price of this gaming phone is also very less. . Compared to the headphones I told you, you get it for just ₹ 999, according to its price, it provides you very good sound quality, if you are interested in games then you must buy it.

5] Zebronics Zeb Rush.

  • Zebronics Zeb RushZebronics Zeb Rush

You only get two colors in Zebronic Zeb Rush, one blue and one red.

Talking about Zebronics Zeb Rush Gaming Headphones, this gaming headphone is very popular and this gaming headphone also has very good rating as it has earned a very good name in gaming market also and I have used this gaming headphone. Personally have very good sound quality,

about this item.

  • gaming headphone with rgb lights,
  • 40mm neodymium drivers,
  • padded headphone,
  • 3.5mm audio lack,

My opinion and review .

If you are interested in buying this Zebronics Zeb Rush Headphone, then you can go for it as this gaming headphone costs only ₹1160, and at this price this gaming headphone gives you good sound quality.


Is cosmic byte h11 good for valorant?

Yes Absolutely Cosmic Byte h11 is a very good headphone for valorant, because it provides you the best sound quality even at a low cost,

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