hello guys welcome back with my new and interesting article today i am going to tell how to get free diamonds in free fire for free without any money.

For bring Diamonds in Free Fire, you have to read this article carefully only then you will be able to get free diamonds.Well, there are many ways to get free fire, but today I am going to tell you the best and best way by which you can get unlimited diamods in free fire in just 5 minutes.


Download an app and get free diamonds in free fire,Download this app and login with facebook and google your account will be created.

after singup you will se gift store tap on it

and select google play gift card and complete three steps and get your rewards

and your google play redeem code will be sent on your gmail id

redeem your gift card and purchase diamonds in free fire

click on get free diamonds button and download application

Free Fire Partner Program

how to join free fire partner program

Free Fire’s partner program gives you many DMs for free, for this you do not have to do much work, but joining Free Fire partner program is not that easy, to join Free Fire’s partner program, you must have an identity of your own and If you want to be an influencer then you can join Free Fire Partner Program.

How to join Free Fire Partner Program

If you guys also want to join the Free Fire Partner Program, then all of you people should have all this.

  • Minimum 500k SUBSCRIBES on youtube
  • Only free fire realted videos in last 30 days

Free Fire Partner Program is a contract by which you have to sign Free Fire Partner After joining the program, you cannot put any content other than Free Fire on your channel.

If you have joined the partner program of your free fire, then you need to take care of some things like if you spread any hate against free fire, then you will be removed from free fire partner program at the same time, so you have to join free fire. Don’t spread any hate against

Benifits of Free Fire Partner Program

There are many benefits of Free Fire Partner Program and it depends on your subscribers, if your subscribers are working then you will get work benefits and more then you will get many benefits Free Fire’s Partner program also gives you every month salary but For that you have to do some test events after which you are given lots of diamonds for free.

How to get free diamonds

Now I will tell you the next method from which you can get unlimited diamonds in free fire, that too in absolutely ff you do not need to pay any money for this.

To get diamonds in ff you will need google play redeem codes after which you can get ff diamondsor Diamonds Lane in Free Fire you will need Google Play Redeem Codes after which you can get Free Fire Diamonds

How to get google play redeem codes for free

To get Google Play redeem codes, you had to download an app in which you can earn a lot of money by answering questions from some simple

If you want free Rs 160 and Rs 240 redeem code, then you have to click on Must read for this article given below soon

Must Read :160rs Google play redeem code for free

Hope you liked this article and you must have come to know how to get free diamonds, I thank you from my heart that I have found this article of mine.

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